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Our Mission

Investing in Talent


To be the leading source of African expertise for the development community, private sector, and governments.



How do you bring together disparate expertise to solve a problem?

Where do you find really good local knowledge?

How do you scale successful local solutions?

These things are currently very hard to do within the fragmented development landscape of Africa. Those in charge of projects, whether governments, NGOs or the private sector, often have great difficulty finding the right local experts. And even when an expert is hired, there can be issues concerning skills gaps and the right organisational fit.

In the long run, the only way to tackle Africa’s challenges will be by engaging those experts  who speak the local dialects, understand the local culture, and know how to navigate the bureaucratic and political environment. We believe that the most promising solutions to Africa’s challenges are going to come from the best minds on the continent, rather than from the outside.

If you want an answer to the question of how to create 100m jobs in Africa, it is likely to come from within this community. From those who live in the hard economic realities every day. From young minds who can think in new paradigms.

Yet a lot of the continent's most talented experts are struggling to find work, are not visible to funders, and not connected with their peers working in other parts of the continent.


"If you are looking for the best person on youth radicalization in Bamako, there is no obvious way to find that person at the moment."

Agostinho Zacharias, ACCORD

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Our Idea


AfricaWorks is building networks from the ground up to connect outstanding African practitioners across geographies and disciplines. This is not a passive knowledge bank, but an actively curated professional community that supports and nurtures those who have both the technical expertise and a track record for delivering successful outcomes.

Our theory of change is that a dedicated focus on supporting Africa’s most effective and engaged minds will lead to a reduction in poverty and help to accelerate Africa’s development.

The return on this investment is potentially enormous: by bringing these minds together we believe we can dramatically increase the flow of new ideas across the continent, and ensure that the private sector, donors and governments connect to the best of African talent and expertise.

AfricaWorks is supported by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.


Individuals are the brand; they are the key. Yet the networks between them are often weak.

Mzukisi Qobo, University of Pretoria


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